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GT7 · SiO2 Color Chart

Film Thickness (Å)  Color of Film (those shown are only indicative)
 500 tan
 700 brown
 1000 dark violet to red violet
 1200 royal blue
 1500 light blue to metallic blue
 1700 metallic to very light yellow-green
 2000 light gold or yellow - slightly metallic
 2200 gold with slight yellow-orange
 2500 orange to melon
 2700 red-violet
 3000 blue to violet-blue
 3100 blue
 3200 blue to blue-green
 3400 light green
 3500 green to yellow-green
 3600 yellow-green
 3700 green-yellow
 3900 yellow
 4100 light orange
 4200 carnation pink
 4400 violet-red
 4600 red-violet
 4700 violet
 4800 blue-violet
 4900 blue
 5000 blue-green
 5200 green
 5400 yellow-green
 5600 green-yellow
 5700 yellow to “yellowish” (at times appears light gray or metallic)
 5800 light orange or yellow to pink
 6000 carnation pink
 6300 violet-red
 6800 “bluish” (appears between violet-red and blue-green - overall looks grayish
 7200 blue-green to green
 7700 “yellowish”
 8000 orange
 8200 salmon
 8500 dull light red-violet
 8600 violet
 8700 blue-violet
 8900 blue
 9200 blue-green
 9500 dull yellow-green
 9700 yellow to “yellowish”
 9900 orange

The color table is a subjective table based on vertical viewing under fluorescent light.

Note the cyclical reappearance of the colors as thickness increases. For example, compare 1000,2700, 4600, and 6300Å.

The appearance of color is due to the constructive and destructive interference of light. The wavelengths of light in SiO2 which undergo destructive interference is given by:


λ = wavelength
t = oxide thickness
k = 0, 1, 2, ... (and which give solutions in the visible light spectrum)

The color of light seen is the eyes response to the amplitude of the wavelengths remaining.

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