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Theory and Fabrication of Integrated Circuits
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Four Point Probe

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P-N Junction Capacitance

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Graphs and Tables

GT1 · N vs ρ

GT2 · 4PP Correction a

GT3 · 4PP Correction k

GT4 · Dry Oxidation

GT5 · Wet Oxidation

GT6 · Steam Oxidation

GT7 · Oxide Color Chart

GT8 · SiO2 Equations

GT9 · Trumbore Curves

GT10 · Si Diffusivity Data

GT11 · Goldsmith Curves

GT13 · erfc Table

GT14 · erf Properties

GT15 · Ion Implant Ranges

GT16 · BV for Diffused Junctions

GT19 · Physical Constants

GT20 · Vapor Pressure Curves

GT21 · Herman Mask Set



Data sheets

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